Race Recap: HFHM Part II

Wet. Puddles. Rain. Mud. Hiiiiiiillllls. Fun.

I suppose I’ve waited too long to give this race a proper recap. It was hard, but silly. The environment was stellar. My husband was with me to push me — and I didn’t get TOO mad at him for it. The river was rising to scare me, and for the first time ever at a race, I knew several of the volunteers. Can’t express how much more fun it is when your kids’ rock climbing guru is there to give you a hearty high-five and a cheer when you’re halfway up only just ONE of the hills that seem to go on for miles. Or how fun it is to sprint down them.

I’ve had writer’s block since this race. In the days leading up to and after it, I had some personal stuff going on that made my mind foggy and challenged me in many ways. The race was an accomplishment, it was fun and I want to do it again. But I had other stuff that trumped that and made me question everything. When it comes to running, that meant finding the clarity to be able to say, “You know what, I don’t want to spend the rest of this summer doing hours-long training runs in the heat!”

So, I have slacked way off on running, spent more time contemplating the future. We backed out of the Miner’s Lady race, which is coming up on Saturday. I’ve never quit a race before it started. The name pulled me in immediately, but I can’t fool myself into thinking I’m an endurance runner … yet. Not sure I want to be.

So … this turned into not much of a race recap, but now that I’ve broken the dam, hopefully I can get back to sharing our adventures more regularly. We’ve had some great ones this summer!

Coolest medal ever, right?! I want to wear it as a necklace!

What’s in the name

“Almost Heaven … West Virginia … Blue Ridge Mountains, Shenandoah River …”

Keep singing. You know the words.

“Country Roads take me home to the place I belong. West Virginia …”

Get it?

I have mixed feelings about my heritage. I have never lived outside West Virginia, never been that far from it. Sometimes I hate it. Sometimes I feel like I don’t belong. I want to see more of the world, and it’s my greatest embarrassment that I’m approaching 35 years old and I’ve never flown anywhere on an airplane. On beach trips as a kid I’d kinda dread leaving for the hills when the week was over. But I hear a hillbilly or a redneck joke? I’ll jump to the defense of my people.

I am in and of West Virginia, for better or worse. I might end up someplace else someday. I hope eventually I will travel the world. But like it or not this place is part of what makes me who I am — and there is, after all, actually a LOT to love.

For now, maybe forever, I do belong here, and many of our adventures take place on the Shenandoah or in the Blue Ridge. There is so much I failed to see as a little girl who longed to get away. I will make the most of it. I love to shop local, explore local, run local, explore my backyard, and that’s much of what I plan to share with this site.