The catalyst

I distinctly remember doing an assignment in 3rd or 4th grade about where I saw myself in 20 years. I would be an author, with a two-story house. I already knew I wanted to write. Years later I chose journalism for a couple reasons. One, I knew of a lot more newspaper people than novelists, and, two, I felt by choosing journalism what I was really doing was avoiding making a choice at all. It turned out I was pretty right. From college through my 7-8 years as a newspaper lady, I got glimpses at everything from surgeries to doll designing to pepper farming and town planning. When I became a mom, I also took a turn at writing a lifestyle column for a couple years. I was ready to have my own voice, and I liked that, too.

When our family was about to grow again, I made the important and necessary decision to leave newspapers behind. The past few years as my three sons have kept growing and my family’s interests in all kinds of adventures have too, I have felt the pull to write in my own voice once again. Not to offer advice, but to just share what we do. Maybe it’s more for me. Or maybe they’ll want to read it someday. Or maybe, I can hope, we can be an inspiration for other families, proof that it’s worth a shot to try something new as often as possible.

I might never have gotten the courage but for what has been a very fortunate turn of events in recent months. Looking at my planner for 2018, I knew it had to be a big year for us. In 2016 I did some of my biggest runs including my second attempt at a half marathon and the Army Ten-Miler. In 2017 I scaled back, focused on hiking and accomplished my first-ever backpacking trip with two girlfriends: 60ish miles on the Appalachian Trail over five days. I wanted more for 2018. More everything. Then I saw a Facebook post that a local running store, Two Rivers Treads, was looking for ambassadors. Those chosen, among other goodies, would receive free entry to the races they produce including one I have had my eye on: The Harpers Ferry Half Marathon. Without hesitating, I applied. Somehow, I was lucky enough to be chosen among other much more accomplished-looking athletes comprising the Two Rivers Treads Thunder Squad. Now there are no excuses. I have every reason to make this my best year ever. It has been such a motivator for me, and I’m so excited to promote their mission of health and being active. And it was the little push I needed to dive into something else I’ve been toying with for too long. And so, welcome to my blog.

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